C12 Rebuild

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C12 Rebuild

Unread post by Willpower » Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:48 pm

c12 paste.JPG
Slow time project.

Just as well I took it all apart as just about everything needs attention. Thought I start with getting the chassis rolling before anything else as the lump is totalled - been running with no drive to the oil pump!
As you see it now, I've renewed the swinging arm bushes and made a new s/a spindle as I had to destroy the old spindle to get it out. The shockers seemed to be working ok, so I've rebushed them and now I'm in the process of making a replcement metal sleeve and bolt for the centre stand as the sleeve was almost worn to extinction - grease nipple there, but never used. The g'box/engine plates rely on the centre stand bolt to keep g'box/engine in-line and when I began the strip I found that the plates welded to the frame to keep it true. Once the centre stand bush and bolt is done, the forks will be next to have a coat of looking at.

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Re: C12 Rebuild

Unread post by Zunspec » Sun Oct 02, 2011 1:43 pm

Hi Will,

A long way to go on your project, good luck it'll be worth it in the end and another bike saved from the auto-jumbles.

Cheers Zunspec

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