tiddler , a brake question

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tiddler , a brake question

Unread post by Codger » Tue Aug 09, 2011 6:54 pm

for some reason the brake plate and shoes are different on the alloy wheels i fitted to my puch maxi , instead if "being normal" the shoes slide on a rod at one end and are held with a big clip , as oposedto being rounded at one end and fastened with two springs

the wheels are off a free spirit model circa 1980 , for america , nothing is listed in the EBC book.

however looking at the picci section , i can see simular ,

right the question , when EBC say 140 x 30mm (for example) is that the drum dia x shoe width?

there is a big lump missing from one of my linings , and one of the "O" sections is broken , so i think exchange is out of the question , i would prefer a replacement set rather than a reline

the offending thing

90mm drum x 20mm wide shoes


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