Here's an observation for you

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Here's an observation for you

Unread post by Antoni » Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:35 am

Circumstances have led to me spending/wasting a few years in the land of the automatic gearbox - or should I say 'transmission''?

I find the sound of a four cylinder automatic car with a blowing exhaust particularly nausiating (sp?) and therefore noticeable. No MoTs here. What's worse is the sound of a rare manual car being operated so as to sound like an auto-box changing its ratios - gradually. Careful clutch riding. The driver really thinks that's how it should be done.

Just now heard yet another "Crotch Rocket" [Japanese sports bike] being driven past my flat just like that. Riding the engine revs down against the clutch as the bike's gears are 'shifted' up. That's how it should be done innit?

I suppose this is just another lament about the lack of mechanical knowledge and sympathy. But I think it's a turning point.

Be nice to folks who sound like they are trolls asking daft questions because they probably are genuine and the fleet's survival will benefit.

I ask daft questions sometimes. And not thinking of any particular post or thread here or anywhere; just thinking about what I've just heard driving up my road.

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