How to import a used bike to the UK from the EU. NOVA etc

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How to import a used bike to the UK from the EU. NOVA etc

Unread post by triumph5ta » Fri May 27, 2016 12:18 pm

The principle of free movement of goods within the EU does apply in these cases but there is the NOVA hoop to jump through in the case of vehicles.

I just thought this information might be useful to anyone who has bought or is thinking of buying an old Honda or whatever from France or elsewhere in the EU and registering it in the UK.

There are two stages to this. One is satisfying HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) that you have paid any tax due, the second is to register the bike with DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, sometimes referred to simply as Swansea)

Because it has come from within the EU there should be no more liability for tax than if you were buying an old chair or whatever but DVLA want proof from HMRC so there we are...

HMRC want you to tell them that the vehicle is now in the UK, they call this "Notification of Vehicle Arrival" or NOVA
The whole NOVA thing seems to worry some people who think it is just for motor traders but it is very easy for an individual to do.
You will need to set up a "Government Gateway" account first.
To do this you need your name and address, date of birth and your National Insurance number." onclick=";return false;

Once you have that you log in and search for HMRC services and find "online NOVA application"
The form is straightforward, you will need to know the first date of registration of the bike, the chassis number and the foreign registration number if you have it.
It actually asks for the VIN number which is about 17 characters long, I only had the Honda chassis number, about 8 characters long but that worked fine.
You also need to state the date when the vehicle arrived in the UK.
Now the important bit:
So, when you get to fill in the arrival date make sure it is not more than 14 days ago ;)
You have to click through a couple more screens and then submit.
I got an email within about 30 seconds asking me to check my Government Gateway inbox. And there was the letter from HMRC conatining the magic phrase:
Based on the information you have provided to HMRC, an application can now be made to register and licence the vehicle with Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Please note that certain vehicle information will be shared with DVLA for registration and licensing purposes.
HMRC have reviewed your vehicle notification and are satisfied that no VAT is due.
You should allow 48 hours from the time you receive this notice before applying to DVLA.

That is it.
To get the bike registered to ride on the road you then need to get an MoT and insurance on the chassis number.
You will also need proof of the age of the vehicle. I have the original French "Certificate D'Immutraculation" if you dont have something like that you might have to get a dating letter from an owners club.
Bundle up all the paperwork with form V55 (or whatever it is) and a payment of £55 to DVLA who will issue you with an age related registration number.

Hope that helps.

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Re: How to import a used bike to the UK from the EU. NOVA et

Unread post by Hooli » Fri May 27, 2016 1:48 pm

Good info, thanks.
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